Volume 29 (Symposium Issue)


Regulating Life, Disease, and Death: The Legal, Ethical and Moral Implications of Science, Medicine, and Technology
Jae Yeon Kim


Legal Myths of Ebola Preparedness and Response
James G. Hodge Jr.

Applying Lessons from the Opioid Abuse Epidemic to Protect Consumers from Gray Market Biologics
Michael C. Barnes and Stacey L. Worthy

Religion and Public Reason in the Politics of Biotechnology
J. Benjamin Hurlbut

The People’s NIH? Ethical and Legal Concerns in Crowdfunded Biomedical Research
Joshua E. Perry

Risk, Uncertainty, and “Super-Risk”
José Luis Bermúdez and Michael S. Pardo


No Longer Left to Their Own Devices: Evaluating the Non-Traditional Medical Device Excise Tax
Kensington A. Wolgamott

Three’s Company: A Constitutional Analysis of Prohibiting Access to Three-Parent In Vitro Fertilization
J. Ravindra Fernando

A Prescription for the Future: Reverse-Payment Settlements in the Wake of FTC v. Actavis Pharmaceuticals
Audra J. Passinault