Volume 31 (Symposium Issue)


The Equivalence of Religion and Conscience
Lucien J. Dhooge

Representing the United States Government: Reconceiving the Federal Prosecutor’s Role Through a Historical Lens
Scott Ingram

Efficiency, Enforcement, and Punishment
Jim Staihar


Failure to Protect: Our Civil System’s Chronic Punishment of Victims of Domestic Violence
Kate Ballou

Competent Hunger Strikers: Applying the Lessons from Northern Ireland to the Force-Feeding in Guantanamo
Sara Cloon

Wait, Who are we Talking About Here? Searching for a Consistent Approach to Applying RFRA to Corporations
Steven J. Harrison

Analysis of Statutory Religious Accomodations for State-Employed Religious Objectors to Same-Sex Marriage Solemnization
Nicholas J. Schilling Jr.

Can Armed Drones Halt the Trend of Increasing Police Militarization?
Ian Thresher