Vol. 36, En Banc Issue 2


Tag: You Are It! How Amending Garment Labeling Requirements Is A First Step Towards Transparency In The Fashion Industry
Betina A. Baumgarten

A Temporary Stopper In The Revolving Door: Executive Order Ethics Pledges And Their Role In Promoting Government Accountability And Integrity Within The President’s Branch
Caitlin-Jean Juricic

Sitting Ducks And Title VI Of The Civil Rights Act: Preventing The Siting Of New Prisons Near Harmful Pollutants
Jessa Webber

Please Note: The Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy Online Supplement aims to make legal scholarship available more quickly, particularly regarding current events and topically relevant issues.  As such, forthcoming articles, notes, and essays may be published on a rolling basis prior to pagination finalization.  These works, noted by an asterisk, will be compiled into journal issues retroactively for organizational and citation purposes.

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