The Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy strongly prefers submissions online via Scholastica.  Direct email submissions will also be accepted at  In addition to the manuscript, we require the submission to be accompanied by a curriculum vitae.  Text and footnotes should conform to The Bluebook (21st ed.) and The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.).

The Journal prefers full-length articles, accepting submissions in the range of 10,000 to 25,000 words, footnotes included.  The online version of our Journal considers shorter essays that do not meet the length requirements for the print edition. The mission of our Journal is to explore the legal, ethical, and policy considerations of each topic within the framework of the Judeo-Christian intellectual and moral tradition.  We seek to publish authors who address that tradition while forming a compelling analysis of issues relevant to the current legal landscape.

We view ourselves to be fairly open in terms of style and genre and will give consideration to any articles that advance the dialogue on either of these important issues.  Besides serious moral contemplation, we also are advocates of writing that is passionate, engaging, cogent, original, and thoughtful.

The selection process generally takes place during the spring and summer.  Please submit articles as soon as possible to ensure our most careful evaluation.  We accept and encourage scholarly articles and reflective essays from law professors, judges, legal practitioners, political scientists, politicians, clerics, and other academic and civic leaders.