Volume 28, Issue 1


A Right to Voluntary Euthanasia? Confusion in Canada in Carter
John Keown

The Virtue of Mandatory Disclosure
Matthew A. Edwards

Limiting the Use of Expunged Offenses in Bar and Law School Admission Processes: A Case for Not Creating Unnecessary Problems
Mitchell M. Simon

The Criminalization of Consensual Adult Sex after Lawrence
J. Richard Broughton

On the Uneasy Relationship between Medicaid and Charity Care
Merle Lenihan and Laura D. Hermer

Financial Markets Uncertainty and the Rawlsian Argument for Central Counterparty Clearing of OTC Derivatives
Steven McNamara

Criminalization Of Juror Misconduct Arising From Social Media Use
Matthew Aglialoro


Islamic Law in American Courts: Good, Bad, and Unsustainable Uses
Eun-Jung Katherine Kim


The Civil Rights Legacy of Fr. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C.
Jennifer Mason McAward


Gerrymandered Gridlock: Addressing the Hazardous Impact of Partisan Redistricting
Nathan S. Catanese

Intersectionality, Life Experience & Judicial Decision Making: A New View of Gender at the Supreme Court
Angela Nicole Johnson

Administering the Ministerial Exception Post-Hosanna-Tabor: Why Contract Claims Should Not Be Barred
Kevin J. Murphy

Golan v. Holder, the Copyright Clause, and the Changing Public Policy Underlying Copyright Law in the United States
John J. Sierotnik

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