Volume 29, Issue 1


Catalyst, Obstacle, or Something in Between? Dealing with the Law in Building Ethical Corporate Culture
Countess Alexandra and Timothy L. Fort

Behavioral Ethics: Can It Help Lawyers (And Others) Be Their Best Selves?
Robert A. Prentice

A Practical Guide to the Use of the Commissioned Public Report as an Effective Crisis-Management Tool
F. Joseph Warin, Oleh Vretsona, and Lora E. MacDonald

Redressing LGBT Employment Discrimination Via Executive Order
Alex Reed

Compliance Officers: More Jobs, More Responsibility, More Liability
Susan Lorde Martin

The Responsible Corporation: Its Historical Roots and Continuing Promise
Larry D. Thompson

Chaidez v. United States – You Can’t Go Home Again
Aram A. Gavoor and Justin M. Orlosky


Executive Power to Provide Material and Financial Support to Foreign Governments and NGOS Linked to Terrorist Groups
Alexa E. Craig

The Endless Bummer: California’s Latest Attempt to Protect Children Online Is Far Out(Side) Effective
Stephen J. Astringer

The Need for Conditions Limiting the Use of Legislative History in Statutory Interpretation: Lessons from the British Courts
Sylvia Costelloe

Placing Al Gore on the Board: Accounting for Environmental Risk in the Corporate Governance Model
Blair M. Warner

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