Volume 32, Issue 1


There’s an “App” for That: Developing Online Dispute Resolution to Empower Economic Development
Amy J. Schmitz

Legal vs. Factual Normative Questions & the True Scope of Ring
Emad H. Atiq

The Sovereign Right to Tax: How Bilateral Investment Treaties Threaten Sovereignty
Jennifer Bird-Pollan

Model Rule 8.4(g): Blatantly Unconstitutional and Blatantly Political
George W. Dent, Jr.

Disclosing the Inevitable: Reconciling the Varied Requirements for the Disclosure of Death on Real Property
Hillary M. Goldberg

Everybody Dies. Or, A Consideration of Simultaneous Death Statutes and the Struggles of the Self-Represented
Victoria J. Haneman

The Ethical Practice of Human-Centered Civil Justice Design
Victor D. Quintanilla & Haley Hinkle

The Contextual Problem of Law Schools
Eli Wald


Public School Closures: The Fate of Abandoned School Buildings
Brendan P. Barber

Fixing America’s Nuclear Waste Policy: Hurdling Infinite Obstacles to an Interminable Problem
James M. Cavanagh

Baking a Cake: How to Draw the Line Between Protected Expressive Conduct and Something You Do
Chris Chung

The Case for a Constitutional Right to Conscience for Health Care Providers
Kristi A. Denny

The Sales Tax on Necessities: Call for a Unified Approach
Viktoriya Rusanova

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