Volume 33, Issue 1


Fisheries Management in American Samoa and the Expanding Application of Parens Patriae Standing to Challenge Federal Administrative Action
Kamaile A.N. Turčan

The Duty to Establish, Monitor, and Enforce: How Today’s Corporate Compliance Standards Provide a Workable Model to Limit Defamation and Protect First Amendment Freedoms
Timothy L. Fort & Melissa Latini

Just Another School?: The Need to Strengthen Legal Protections for Students Facing Disciplinary Transfers
Miranda Johnson & James Naughton

Rethinking Religious Objections (Old-Testament Based) to Same-Sex Marriage
Doron M. Kalir

Regulation of Lawyers in Government Beyond the Client Representation Role
Ellen Yaroshefsky

University Legal Counsel: The Role and its Challenges
Sally Gunz & Marianne M. Jennings

The Purposes of Title VII
Chuck Henson

The Warren Court’s Pursuit of Kant’s Realm of Ends
Daniel Feldman



Self-Interest Rightly Understood: The Case Against Attorneys Receiving the SEC Whistleblower Bounty
Chelsea A. Bollman

The Dogma Lives Loudly Within Them: Revisiting The Role of the No Religious Test Clause in Senate Confirmation Hearings
Kyle Smith

Qualified Immunity and the Clear, but Unclear First Amendment Right to Film Police
Doori Song

Ties that Do Not Bind: The Rules that Keep Lawyers and Accountants Separate
Lawrence A. Wesco


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