Volume 34, Issue 1


The Cynical Successes of the Guantánamo Bay Military Commissions
G. Alex Sinha

On Tipping Points and Nudges: Review of Cass Sunstein’s How Change Happens
Raymond H. Brescia

Bring on the Pettifoggers: Revisiting the Ethics Rules, Civil Gideon, and the Role of the Judiciary
Jodi Nafzger

Punishing Vandalism Correctly in an Access Economy
W.C. Bunting

Victim Impact Evidence in Capital Cases: Regulating the Admissibility of Photographs and Videos in the Payne Era
Alexander H. Updegrove

The Last Testament of Justice Scalia: On Aquinas and Law
Stefanus Hendrianto

Revitalizing the Implied Warranty of Habitability
Serge Martinez

Human Dignity and the Doctrine of Provocation: A New Approach
Roni Rosenberg

Elder Financial Abuse: Fiduciary Law and Economics
Ben Chen


Troubled Waters: Expansion of the Michigan Public Trust Doctrine in an Era of Increasing Pollution
Kathryn Zoller

Protection or Suppression? Reevaluating the Constitutionality of Voter ID Laws in Light of New Empirical Evidence
Jared D. Michael

The Third-Party Doctrine: Perpetuation by Privacy Policies
Courtney C. Seitz

Nonprofit Organizations and Anti-Corruption Statutes: Incentives for Compliance
Elizabeth Barnes Coburn

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