Volume 35, Issue 1


Lawyer Ethics for Innovation
Renee Knake Jefferson

Specialty Bar Associations and the Marketing of Ethics: The Example Of the Academy of Adoption Attorneys
Malinda L. Seymore

Looking Beyond the Profit and Into the Light: Consumer Financial Protections and the Common Good
Veryl Victoria Miles

Revising the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Carving Out A More Active Role for Congress
Michael Vitello

The Professionalization of Compliance: Its Progress, Impediments, and Outcomes
James A. Fanto

Bringing Corporate Governance Down to Earth: From Culmination Outcomes to Comprehensive Outcomes in Shareholder and Stakeholder Capitalism
Dr. Malcolm Rogge


Solitary Confinement as Illegitimately Proscribed and Disproportional Punishment: Another Angle From Which To Attack the Inhumane Practice
Danika Jo Anderson

The Rising Popularity of the Right to Counsel in Eviction Cases: Rationales Supporting It and Legislation Providing It
Natalie D. Fulk

Dangerous To Be Right When Established Authorities Are Wrong: A Proposal for the Protection of America’s Migratory Birds
Dylan-Forrest Francis Greene

Reforming the EITC and CTC To Provide Greater Income Stability — An Alternative to UBI
Jacqueline Heafey

The Strained Relationship Between Hair Discrimination and Title VII Litigation and Why It Is Time To Use a Different Solution
Christine Kennedy

Appeal Waivers: When Must They Be Raised
Nicole A. Paige

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