Volume 36, Issue 1


Can Continuing Legal Education Pass the Test? Empirical Lessons from the Medical World
Rima Sirota 

Trust and Distrust Across Constitutional Law
R. George Wright

The Legal and Ethical Implications of Public Pension Reform: Analyzing the New Constitutional Cases
T. Leigh Anenson and Jennifer K. Gershberg

Evaluating Legal Needs
Luz E. Herrera, Amber Baylor, Nandita Chaudhuri, and Felipe Hinojosa

Scandal and Due Process: A Canonical Response to the McCarrick Case
Fr. John Paul Kimes


Anti-Slapped in the Face: The Applicability of Anti-Slapp Statutes in Federal Courts
Noah Brown

Corporal Punishment in the United States: Abolishment Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Caroline J. Capili

Deinstitutionalization or Transinstitutionalization? Barriers to Independent Living for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Katherine Cienkus

Social Movement Theory and the Role of Qualified Immunity in Increasing Political Violence
Cesar M. Estrada

The Duty to Monitor: How the Mission Critical Doctrine in Marchand Informs Director Liability for Cybersecurity Breaches
Mary Ellen Kempf

Improving New Market Tax Credit Accessibility to Address Food Vulnerability
Zahraa Nasser

Please Note: The Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy aims to make legal scholarship available more quickly, particularly regarding current events and topically relevant issues.  As such, forthcoming articles, notes, and essays may be published on a rolling basis prior to pagination finalization.  These works, noted by an asterisk, will be compiled into journal issues retroactively for organizational and citation purposes.

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