Volume 37, Issue 1


Protecting Church Autonomy In The Twenty-First Century: A Defense of the Compulsory Deference Approach for Church Property Litigation
Matthew R. Goldammer

Virtue And The Administrative State
John S. Ehrett

Children Sentenced As Adults
Vanessa F. Hernandez Levin

Corporate Responsibility For Rogue Agents
Daniel Harris

The Tripartite Model Of Facial Recognition: Bridging The Gap Between Privacy, Public Safety, Technology And The Fourth And First Amendments
Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid and Kyle Fleming

Implicit Racial Attitudes And Self-Defense
Stephen P. Garvey


Please Note: The Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy aims to make legal scholarship available more quickly, particularly regarding current events and topically relevant issues.  As such, forthcoming articles, notes, and essays may be published on a rolling basis prior to pagination finalization.  These works, noted by an asterisk, will be compiled into journal issues retroactively for organizational and citation purposes.

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