Volume 32, Issue 2


Reflections on McDonnell and Public Corruption Cases
The Honorable Stephen J. Murphy, II



The Private Partners in Public Corruption
David Kwok

Constitutional Truthmakers
Christopher R. Green

Intellectual Disability in Capital Cases: Adjusting State Statutes After Moore v. Texas
Alexander H. Updegrove, Michael S. Vaughn, and Rolando V. del Carmen

Reexamining Criminal Prosecutions Under the Foreign Nationals Ban
Sean J. Wright

Is Capital Punishment Murder?
Luke Maring



R2D2 or iRobot: Can Armed Robots Be a Friend to Police Without Being a Foe to the Public?
Zachary A. Kaplan

“Between the Rock and the Whirlpool”: Corporate Cooperation Credit and Issues of Compelled Self-Incrimination
Ross Kloeber

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