Vol. 33 Masthead

Matthew Razzano

Executive Managing Editor
Dayle Comerford

Executive Editors
Sarah Clore
Vincent Salem

Executive Articles Editor
Chris Bach

Executive Notes Editor
Katherine Friedli

Executive Symposium Editor
Lawrence Wesco

Executive Online Editor
Daniel Kim

Managing Editor
Jonathan Schall

Managing Symposium Editor
Suzanne Beecher

Managing Online Editor
Matthew Billeci

Managing Articles Editor
Anne Gallerano

Managing Senior Editor
Margaret Campbell  Katharine Domitrovich
Paige Gilliard
Hannah Oswald
Robert Sikorski
Kyle Smith

Senior Notes Editors
Chelsea Bollman
Nathan Chen
Harkesh Patel
Jena-Marie Tracy
Articles Editors
Michael Benson
Samantha Darnell
Taylor Haran
Kerry Hunt
Doori Song
Benjamin Zeter
Alumni Editor
Nicholas Burandt
Technology & Production Editor
John Capobianco

Curriculum Editor
Charles Sterrett


Staff Editors

Elizabeth Barnes Mitchell Berry
Tess Bolger
Matthew Bradley
Constance Burri
Mara Case
Amy Chen
Dominic Clolinger
Katie Cronin

Alex Ehler
Andrew Ferry
Alissa Griffin
Megan Isom
Jared Michael
Peter Miles
Grace Nickels
Tyler Paladino
Lauren Palmer
Yara Rashad
Russell Reed
Austin Ridgeway
Sam Rumbach
Courtney Seitz
Claudia Stedman
Whitney Swart
Lydia Woods
Chris Zhao
Kathryn Zoller

Faculty Advisor
O. Carter Snead

Top Row (from left): Whitney Swart, Megan Isom, Katie Cronin, Mitchell Berry, Matthew Bradley, Constance Burri, Michael Benson, Robert Sikorski, Andrew Ferry, Kyle Smith, Mara Case, Sam Rumbach

3rd Row: Anne Gallerano, Paige Gilliard, Lydia Woods, Hannah Oswald, Benjamin Zeter, Jenna Tracy, Katharine Domitrovich, Yara Rashad, Taylor Haran, Peter Miles

2nd Row: Russell Reed, Suzanne Beecher, Nick Burandt, Lauren Palmer, Katherine Zoller, Alissa Griffin, Claudia Stedman, Samantha Darnell, Y. Amy Chen

Bottom Row: Chris Bach, Dayle Comerford, Matthew Razzano, Lawrence Wesco, Daniel Kim

* Not all are pictured

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