Devin Humphreys

Devin Humphreys is from Farwell, Michigan. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Michigan State University’s James Madison College, majoring in Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy and minoring in Music. At the law school, he is the president of the International Human Rights Society, and he is also a member of the Federalist Society and the Christian Legal Society. During his 1L summer, Devin participated in the Blackstone Legal Fellowship, during which he was a research assistant for Professor Paolo Carozza as part of the Constitutionalism and Rule of Law (CAROL) Lab. He is currently externing for Justice Brian Hagedorn on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In his free time, Devin is a member of the Notre Dame Folk Choir, and he also serves as a sacristan and lector at the Law School’s St. Thomas More Chapel.

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