Vol. 34 Masthead

Constance Burri

Executive Managing Editor
Matthew Bradley

Executive Editors
Tess Bolger
Katie Cronin

Executive Articles Editor
Tyler Paladino

Executive Notes Editor
Megan Isom

Executive Symposium Editor
Austin Ridgeway

Executive Online Editor
Amy Chen

Managing Editor
Sam Rumbach

Managing Symposium Editor
Mara Case

Managing Online Editor
Alissa Griffin

Managing Articles Editor
Whitney Swart

Managing Senior Editor
Elizabeth Barnes
Peter Miles
Lauren Palmer
Russell Reed
Courtney Seitz
Claudia Stedman

Senior Notes Editors
Dominic Clolinger
Andrew Ferry
Yara Rashad
Articles Editors
Mitchell Berry
Alex Ehler
Jared Michael
Lydia Woods
Chris Zhao
Kathryn Zoller
Alumni Editor
Grace Nickels

Staff Editors


Faculty Advisor
O. Carter Snead

Past Mastheads


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